They're Here


They are the Entozoon. These beings from Alpha Centauri. They will not hurt us. They feed on the bright multi-colors they see. Blue, Red, and greens. It’s simple. Don’t be afraid.

“So, they say,” whispered the ones hidden in the corners of the pubs and office cubicles.

Entozoon, our visitors are trying to bring peace to extend prosperity to Earth.

“So, they say,” whispered the ones in their homes to their children, dressing them in plain white or black clothes. No fancy blues or reds. Skip the playful animal motifs for now. Those were in the laundry or too small to wear.

The Entozoon are friendly!

“We will decide how friendly, after a year or more,” shouted the crowd in the streets, naked with warning signs, written in bold black letters. “Let’s see how hungry they get when there are no colors here on earth. Winter will be here soon. Let’s see and be ready.”

Photo via T. Gillmore

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