Significance Common Courtesy


They sat alone under the apple tree and looked up for the very first time as They. The olive-green leaves, riddled with holes from the average beetle wars, still produced stems strong enough to flower a bouquet of fruit.

Not everyone likes an apple tree. In their eyes, branches grew unnaturally. Trees should be straight, trimmed appropriately to society standards. 

Yet with support, the apples grew, they are beautiful in colors of red, yellow, and green. Sweet and tart. Delightful and good-natured. Eventually, loved ones and friends slowly nod and say, “Alright, I understand now. It’s natural.”

They pressed the backs against the bark and said to no one, “This tree knows what it feels like to be stared at as odd.” They picked a leaf, studied the thick complicated veins. “We know this and We’ll stay strong too. No matter what we look like to them, and in the end, our fruit is the success of acceptance.”

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite at Pexels 

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