Priceless is in the Soul


The golden ring of circular diamonds sparkled brighter in the of dead night. The princess wore such jewelry to guide her to the river where the boatman waited. She took his steady hand as he assisted her onto his wooden craft made from discarded coffins. 

The Neverland was across the waters, under the moonless night. The princess raised her palm and gave light to their voyage. She would visit her grandparents and still greater grandparents to reminisce and keep their memory alive.

Yet this time, on her return home, she gave her ring to the boatman as payment. This was unexpected. Her golden necklace, silver bracelets were past payments. And even those were too much for the travel. The princess insisted. This light would guide him without terror of colliding with the shore rocks, fear of storms at night, because every minute was night. The ring was something she hadn’t thought of before to keep this noble and kind boatman safe. 

He accepted the gift and tossed it in the water. 

The princess covered her mouth with her hand, close to tears; he threw her most precious item. The sole remembrance of her family. The rocks swirled to golden piers, the thunderous clouds beamed bright with silver linings, and the last gift for the Neverland turned darkness into love, a home for kind souls.

Photo via Pixabay

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