The Devil You Know (TUNNEL VISION’S Chopping Block. Bits yanked out from the novel.)


Eveine held the tablet close to her chest, waiting for her turn to speak to her elders. She organized and balanced her family’s financials, along with everyone’s duties. She will say her parents are busy, much too busy to attend this meeting of public assistance. 

Therefore, she, Eveine Cen-Nera, the oldest child of ten years, will testify if needed, to prove they met their requirements. Her family had succeeded in employment, and those wanting to claim her family’s home, cannot do so.

Eveine swallowed hard. 

Don’t shiver. Don’t shake your voice. Don’t give the authorities one ounce of speculation she was lying. Father is in bed. Drunk with mother. Tired of the work. Sick of the responsibility. Mother confused. Unsure what to do. What to say when asked how you are.

Eveine would lie. To keep their home.

Photo by Adrien Olichon from Pexels

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