The Fantastic Invisible Song


My mother held my hand as we walked down another path in the woods. A bundle of blankets and food were tied to her back for us to camp until we reached our new home. The air was colder and smelled of snow. I smiled with excitement to play in it. Build a snowman and throw snowballs. Then I remembered I didn’t have my sled. My mother said it was old and we will get another at our new home. We zipped our coats to our chins and tighten our hoods when the wind blew. I opened my mouth like my mother to catch snowflakes on our tongue. The fur around my hood tickled my nose.

Then the sun went down, painting the sky orange and red. My mother draped a blanket over the leafless tree branches, making a tent, and another on the hard roots, forming little hills for us to sit. This was an adventure, she said. Imagine the new things we will see, both good and bad. I imagined we were explorers on a new land, off to discovered unicorns and dragons.

Photo via T.Gillmore 

The Next World of AI

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